Aldi is reducing two robotic lawnmowers: just one offer is worth it

The robotic lawnmower automatically mows the lawn as you relax on the terrace. The integrated battery is charged at the charging station. The mower recognizes where it is allowed to drive via sensors and a boundary wire. The model should cover an area of ​​up to 800 square meters. One battery charge is sufficient for approximately 80 minutes of operation.

You can use the associated app to make settings or set a schedule for regular mowing. You can also see the current status and battery level. The cutting height can be selected in three steps between 20 and 60 millimeters. The cutting width is 180 millimeters.

The model is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. The sensor detects obstacles in front of the mower and avoids collisions. A tilt sensor and lift, collision and tilt sensors provide added safety. When it rains, it automatically returns to the charging station and continues to run when dry.

In addition to the robotic lawnmower, the scope of delivery includes a charging station, a 20 volt battery, a 150 meter perimeter wire, fastening nails, a nine meter power cable, three spare blades and spare screws.

That is why we recommend the robotic lawnmower

With its powerful battery, the Yard Force robotic lawnmower is also suitable for larger gardens. It takes care of lawn care and offers a wide range of functions thanks to various sensors. During installation, the boundary wire needs to be installed once, then the mower automatically takes care of the work and drives on the lawn by itself.

A price comparison shows that the Aldi lawn mower is a great offer. The model is currently not available at a lower price from any other retailer. Aldi’s smallest model, the Compact 400 RiS, is currently cheaper on Amazon. Therefore, the larger model is worth it, especially due to the significantly greater area coverage.

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