Aldi customers need to be prepared for big changes in baked goods

After the first tests, changes will follow in the other Aldi branches. Customers can adapt to innovations in baked goods.

Dortmund – At Aldi Süd, baked goods from the regions are already an integral part of the range. Now the arrival of regional bakers at the Aldi Nord branches should also pick up speed.

agency Aldi Nord
seat Essen
Sales volume € 22.8 billion (2019)

Aldi: Customers need to be prepared for big changes in the bakery range

According to food journal Artisan bakeries and discount stores are no longer opposites, but they can complement each other. Aldi Süd had been aware of this for some time and two years ago invited regional bakers who wanted to expand their reach with the help of the discounter in the retailer area.

Now Aldi Nord also seems to have taken a liking to the model, because what started last year as a two-metropolis test is now getting serious. Unlike Aldi Süd, which sells up to 35 different baked goods at so-called baking stations, the Aldi Nord branch in Dortmund started with just eleven items in the range.

There, Aldi partnered with local Grobe bakeries. In Leipzig, the discounter offered products from the Lukas bakery. From April things started to move again, because more and more bakeries collaborate with the Aldi Nord company, this time not just as proof.

Aldi: Change in the bakery range – These bakeries are partnering with the company

For example, the Löbau Schwerdtner bakery is said to have recently started collaborating with Aldi Nord. The bakery has already moved to two markets in Zittau and three out of four Aldi branches in Görlitz. Annaberger Backwaren from the Ore Mountains, with 180 employees and almost 10 million euros in turnover, also dared to forge an alliance with Aldi.

The company is now expected to supply 19 Aldi branches from Chemnitz to Zschorlau. There are also initial partnerships in NRW, such as in Münster. There, both Essmann’s Backstube and the Krimphove bakery joined Aldi. So the concept seems to work, but it also comes with its price.

Aldi: Changes to the bakery range – higher costs for customers

Discounter Lidl is now rumored to be taking the step towards cooperating with bakers, but it’s much cheaper. According to food journal move Aldi Nord to the premium level. A roll of wholemeal pumpkin cheese, for example, should cost 1.59 euros.

Aldi Nord changes the range of bakery products.

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750 grams of mixed wheat bread costs 4.95 euros. Not all Aldi customers can or want to afford American spelled for € 1.99 at Krimphove. Finally, according to information from Aldi however raised the prices. Compared to the costs of the bakeries, Aldi internal bakery products are all cheaper. Now it remains to be seen whether bakeries will continue to spread to Aldi.

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