Airline strikes: These days there is a risk of flight cancellations and delays at BER

Strikes in several countries

These days there is a risk of flight cancellations and delays at BER

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There may be various flight cancellations and delays at BER this summer. This is also due to the strikes of several airlines in countries such as Spain and Italy. The strike dates are also during the summer holidays.

Staff from several airlines have announced alert strikes for the next few weeks. The British airlines Easyjet and Ryanair are particularly affected, and the works should also be partially suspended at the Scandinavian airline SAS.

The cars of the three companies also take off and land at BER: this could affect air traffic in the region in the coming weeks. Several popular travel destinations are affected. *

At Easyjet and Ryanair, cabin crews want to use strikes to get better pay and better working conditions. At SAS, the captains pursue the same goal and the negotiations between the pilots association and the airline have recently failed.

Just this week, Eurowings airline had to cancel several flights to BER due to a lack of staff.

Strike at Ryanair this weekend

In June, the cabin crew plans to do so Ryanair to lay down the work. The following strikes have been announced in several countries, most notably this coming weekend.

  • Belgium: From 24 to 26 June
  • France: 25 and 26 June
  • Italy: June 25
  • Portugal: From 24 to 26 June
  • Spain: From 24 to 26 June and from 30 June to 2 July

On these dates, the strike of staff stationed in the respective country is expected. The exact effects on the BER flight plan are therefore not yet predictable. Popular travel destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca or Rome would be interested.

Easyjet wants to keep the flight plan – for now

Cabin crew of Easyjet strike in July only a Spain. A total of nine strike days are foreseen in three weekends:

  • 1-3 July | 15-17 July | July 29-31

At the moment, the British airline is optimistic: “If the industrial action were to take place, there could be disruptions. But at this point Easyjet is planning to fully implement the flight plan,” a spokeswoman for the company told the British newspaper. Guardian “.

Easyjet flies to Spanish destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Fuerteventura, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca from BER.

Duration of the strike in SAS unclear

With the Scandinavian airline SAS the captains want from next Wednesday the 29. June strike – the end is open. SAS planes to and from Copenhagen and Stockholm take off and land at BER.

The aviation industry suffers from a staff shortage

The strikes announced come at a time when the airline industry in Europe is already in trouble: due to persistent staff shortages, there have already been many delays and flight cancellations over the Pentecost weekend. An end to the plight of the staff is not foreseeable at the moment.

In an NDR report on the subject, a spokesperson for Verdi explains that not all companies in the sector have increased their reduced work allowance during the Corona period. People could then have looked for other jobs and now they would be leaving for the time being.

* The exact deficiencies and possible delays in the data in question have not yet been communicated. Please contact your airline in good time if you may be affected by cancellations or disruptions.

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