After sunflower oil, the next product risks a drastic price increase

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Not only is sunflower oil becoming more expensive, but the prices of other foods such as meat or butter are also exploding as a result of the pandemic, inflation and war.

Munich – Many are familiar with this brief moment of shopping at the supermarket. You think: can this purchase really be that expensive or did something go wrong? Most of the time, no mistakes have happened. Everything is more expensive right now.

After sunflower oil, now it’s the turn of the cutlet: meat products cost up to 20% more

This development does not seem to be improving: after the sharp rise in the price of sunflower oil, most meat products are becoming significantly more expensive. Focus online points out that the surcharge of some products such as cutlet, chicken breast and many sausages is around 20%.

Groceries are lined up on the conveyor belt of a cash register in an Aldi supermarket
Food prices skyrocket due to war in Ukraine: Aldi and Rewe announce price increases © IMAGO / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

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Meat is becoming more expensive: both supermarkets and discounters are raising prices

The reasons for the price increase are complex. Overall, the costs of agricultural production are rising due to several factors: inflation, supply bottlenecks, shortages of raw materials, the war in Ukraine and the pandemic are driving up costs. So farmers have to raise prices to cover the costs. And the increase in prices reaches consumers through supermarkets.

Meat replacement products are also becoming much more expensive – the price is sometimes 30 percent higher

Supermarkets like Edeka and Rewe or discount stores like Netto and Aldi also raise prices on other products. Meat substitutes are also becoming more expensive. This is mainly due to the fact that soy, peas, beetroot and other plant-based foods have also become significantly more expensive over the past year. Focus online assumes a price increase of 30%.

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