After DHL: Parcels from Hermes are also more expensive

After Deutsche Post DHL, Hamburg-based parcel service provider Hermes is also raising the prices of its private customers for certain types of shipping. What customers need to know now:

Online franked packages that are delivered to the parcel shop and delivered to the recipient’s door will cost € 4.50 from August 1, 20 cents more than before, the company announced Thursday. In the future they will be as expensive as the parcels that are delivered to the parcel shop and only written on a note there.

Because of fuel and electricity: Hermes raises prices

With the online version, you enter the sender and recipient details in advance so that it is faster on the spot. The price for shipments to parcel stores where the recipient arrives and picks them up remains the same: these shipments are cheaper because Hermes has less work to do.

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In package classes S to XXL, Hermes largely refrains from raising prices. There is a surcharge only for S and M size packages that are not postage paid online. It’s also more expensive for bulky goods, whether it’s car tires or bumpers, and for shipping suitcases.

Hermes Parcel Service: More expensive parcels from August

Hermes justified the price increases by saying that it was not possible to compensate for the increase in costs by optimizing work processes. Most recently, Hermes raised their private customer prices in 2019.

The entire logistics industry has significantly higher costs than before because fuel and electricity have become more expensive and employees earn more. Market leader Deutsche Post DHL also announced higher prices for certain shipping categories for private customers, which will apply from 1 July. (dpa / mp)

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