After 40 years of tradition: Edeka says goodbye to the discount brand – economy

– Due to the spread of net discounters, Edeka no longer sees a future in its discount chain and is gradually converting it into Edeka stores. 330 branches and 6000 employees are affected.

The NP discount chain, a brand of the regional Edeka-Minden-Hannover company, was particularly well known in northern Germany. There are 330 shops which employ around 6,000 people. Edeka now wants to convert all branches to Edeka markets or Nah & Gut branches by 2026.

The supermarket chain has already started with this and several NP stores have already been transformed. This also affected the NP store in Plattenburg, the first NP store to open in Osnabrück in 1973. It is now a branch of Nah & Gut.

To check in advance whether this strategy will pay off, some Edeka NP stores have been modified. The shops have been more beautifully furnished and set up and the range has been expanded.

And this test proved success. Double-digit sales increases were achieved and the end of NPs was sealed. “In the long run, NP will disappear with it,” says Bernhard Berger, sales manager for the retail sector in the region food journal.

He also expects the transition to encounter greater customer acceptance and a significant increase in revenue. However, the discounter should not completely disappear from Edeka: “We will always have discount elements, for example our entry-level price brand Gut & Billig. But with this step we are saying goodbye to an independent discount oriented sales format”, says Berger.

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