Aesculap separates from Katrin Sternberg

Shortly after taking office, Aesculap boss Jens von Lackum reorganized the management team. Research manager Katrin Sternberg is forced to resign, but two new ones join the board.

Above all, this news came as a surprise on Thursday: the medical technology company based in Tuttlingen and Katrin Sternberg, a member of the research and development board, will be separating in July. The reason given by the parent company B. Braun of Melsungen was “different opinions on the future strategic orientation of the division”. It has been “mutually agreed” that Sternberg will step down from office, according to a press release.

According to information from our newspaper, there are said to have been differences between Aesculap’s CEO of Lackum and Katrin Sternberg. Sternberg was promoted to Aesculap’s board of directors in August 2018. The doctor of biomechanics had moved from the University of Rostock to Tuttlingen and was the first woman to serve on Aesculap’s board of directors.

The successors come from within the company

For Aesculap AG this is the second change of management level in a very short time. At the end of March, longtime CEO Joachim Schulz retired. Former deputy Jens von Lackum took over from him.

Jens von Lackum becomes the new leader of Aesculap

Jens von Lackum becomes the new leader of Aesculap

From July, the Board of Directors will again consist of three members: Sternberg will be replaced by Holger Reinecke and Andreas Hahn. In addition, the new Head of Human Resources, Ines Lützen, and the new Head of Global Marketing and Sales, Lubomir Klepac, will join Aesculap’s large Executive Board, made up of eight members.

Reinecke is also CEO of Schölly

Holger Reinecke is in charge of research and development and regulatory affairs. He will also continue to be CEO of Schölly. Aesculap has been the majority shareholder of Schölly since July 2021.

Reinecke studied chemistry. He received his doctorate from the Clausthal-Zellerfeld Technical University. He then held various positions in the areas of research and development, production and market development in various companies. Until 2014, Reinecke held a ten-year professorship at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and was also head of the Institute of Micro and Information Technology of the Hahn-Schickard Society in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Hahn has been working with Aesculap for 30 years

Andreas Hahn will be responsible for the areas of finance and control, quality management, central technical services and mergers and acquisitions.

Hahn began his career at Alno Möbelwerke in Pfullendorf. After training as an industrial employee and studies in business administration, he moved to Aesculap AG, for which he has worked for over 30 years. Hahn has been Senior Vice President Finance & Controlling since 2006.

Is the implementation of the EU MDR running slowly?

Little is known about the background to the personnel change. However, it was heard from corporate circles that the implementation of the European Medical Device Regulation (EU-MDR) in Aesculap was not progressing as quickly as expected. In addition, the EU-MDR slows the company down, fewer products are manufactured.

Aesculap writes on request: Implementation activities are in full swing since the EU MDR decision. “Significant portions of the portfolio have also gone through the certification process, but there is still a long way to go.” Certification is an important endeavor, especially in terms of time.

B. Braun expects further growth in Aesculap's sales in 2022

B. Braun expects further growth in Aesculap’s sales in 2022 more

As a result, some products have been canceled. Against the backdrop of the high level of approval work, Aesculap said it was necessary “to no longer approve certain product areas within the MDR and therefore discontinue them in the future, for example in the area of ​​trauma”. And further: “We have also decided to discontinue some innovation projects because the related additional regulatory effort would no longer be economically justifiable.”

Aesculap aims for record sales

Aesculap aims for record sales more

More money for innovations: Aesculap invests a three-digit million every year

More money for innovations: Aesculap invests a three-digit million every year more

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