Adi Hütter and Markus Weinzierl announce their departure as coaches live on TV – Bundesliga

This has probably never happened in Bundesliga history. Coach double hammer with final whistle on the last day.

Both Adi Hütter (52) and Markus Weinzierl (47) stop coaching Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC Augsburg. Both said it after the final whistle of the match against Hoffenheim and Fürth on the Sky microphone.

Hütter on Sky: “After many intense minutes and discussions, we have come to the conclusion that we are going our separate ways. It is very disappointing, but we have not achieved what we set out to do in sport. I can only thank the club for its honesty and clarity “.

Weinzierl explained that this was his “last game”. For him it was the “right decision”.

Weinzierl informed the team of his move shortly after the final whistle. Players should be the first to know. Weinzierl stressed that there have been no talks with the club about his future.

Markus Weinzierl took over Augusta in April 2021. Previously he was with the Fuggerstadt team from 2012 to 2016

Markus Weinzierl took over Augusta in April 2021. Previously he was with the Fuggerstadt team from 2012 to 2016Photo: Heaven

Coach Stefan Reuter (55) was unaware of his decision, the former Schalke manager said and showed glaring cracks in the relationship. “It wasn’t planned that way,” Weinzierl said. “My heart hurts too.” He wanted to stay in Augusta for a long time.

The separation of Hütter in Gladbach had been indicated

The separation of Gladbach has already been announced in recent days.

As reported on Friday by BILD and SPORT BILD, the first division club is already actively looking for a successor in the market and it is rumored that interviews have been held with a potential candidate or his or her advisor.

“We are of the unanimous opinion that this decision is the right one for both sides,” said Borussia sporting director Roland Virkus in a press release published at the same time on the Gladbach website.

“Our task now is to draw conclusions from the course of the season and take appropriate measures to start preparing for the new season in a new constellation at the end of June.” The two assistant coaches Christian Peintinger and Armin Reutershahn will also no longer work for Borussia.

On a sporting level, Borussia has disappointed expectations, embarrassing matches like the one against Freiburg (0: 6) were just the tip of the iceberg. Much worse, however: the relationship between the team and the coach seems so shattered that even a change of team in the summer would change little.

In recent weeks, this broken relationship has become increasingly evident as players have increasingly expressed it internally. Most of the major players no longer believe in a successful future with Hütter.

For a long time, bosses have been of the opinion that the cabin climate could be saved with some starts like Matthias Ginter (28) or Ramy Bensebaini (27). That’s why the bosses have included Hütter in their planning for next season. There are now many indications that there has been an afterthought.

Most recently, during Thursday’s press conference, sporting director Roland Virkus (55) avoided a clear engagement with Hütter. When asked if the Austrian would still be the coach of Borussia next season, he replied: “We want it, we will discuss everything else.”

Markus Weinzierl from Augsburg also broadcasts live TV

In Augsburg there is a rumble in the club!

President Klaus Hofmann (54) resigned on Friday. Officially, the move was voluntary, but according to BILD information, Hofmann was forced to resign due to serious differences within the management of the club.

Boss gone – and the coach stops too. You have to “test everything” and also “challenge every position”, Weinzierl announced Thursday. There was no talk of extending his contract “so far”. In the “next week” Weinzierl and FC Augsburg wanted to talk about the future.

“I also have a question or two that are decisive,” Weinzierl said, giving examples: “What does the club want to achieve? What are the goals? What are the requirements?” For Straubinger it is not enough to constantly play against relegation.

“It is clear that you want more. That it is always a task to be above your budget, above your means,” explained Weinzierl, who has led FC Augsburg from April 2021 to his second term. And even during his early days, the relationship with Reuter was not free.

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