According to the report, Tesla’s boss is planning a service revolution>

Tesla owners have had a wide range of experience servicing their electric vehicles – at the end of the spectrum, there are complaints of months of waiting for basic parts or denial of warranty repairs. What you actually experience seems to depend, among other things, on your respective location. And at least in the US there is obviously a need for improvement, because here Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now announced a service offensive – and a revolution shortly thereafter.

Next Tesla revolution in service

In some ways, Tesla has an advantage over traditional automakers when it comes to service. For example, there are mobile rangers for smaller jobs, which appear when an app is requested and, if necessary, repair a Tesla without the owner noticing: thanks to the software centering of the vehicles, technicians can open them even without hand over the key. Tesla likes to refer to this mobile service when it comes to the relatively small number of its physical workshops.

Overall, Tesla’s service has yet to improve, at least in the US, CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter this week. He is working on it, he has written, without being asked about a specific problem in advance. The goal is for two thirds of all vehicles to receive service on the same day. “No waiting time,” the Tesla boss added in his message, but left it open whether this relates to appointment assignment or actual repairs.

Either way, it sounded like an offensive that customers liked, but still quite defensive. Interestingly, after this announcement from Musk came another one, in this case about FSD beta software, which perhaps shows that for the CEO, the service is ultimately just a software issue. With the vast abolition of telephone contact options, he has at least already ensured that all communications with the Tesla service are digital.

If everything goes smoothly, the result can also be a convincing experience, including contactless delivery, at the service center. In fact, according to the Electrek blog, CEO Musk told employees this week that Tesla’s “service” is already better than the rest of the industry. By this expression he probably meant less the service itself than his own organization. Despite that, Musk said it’s still relatively conventional, according to Electrek, but it shouldn’t stay that way – he really wants Tesla to think about how to revolutionize their service so it’s ten times better than the rest of the world industry.

Musk: More repair staff

So the goal is clear and, as usual, ambitious. Musk wants to achieve this, among other things, by having a larger percentage of staff in service centers actually repair cars, as he said according to Electrek. The sheer number of Tesla mechanics should also “definitely” increase. In addition, the CEO expects greater specialization in workshops, similar to his electric car factories. It was initially just North America, but Musk is said to have added that these innovations will come later globally. Internal organization shouldn’t matter to most customers. But if the latest Tesla revolution leads to a faster supply of spare parts, they certainly wouldn’t mind.

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