According to the Gigafactory union, Tesla should raise wages>

According to current information from the Minister of Economy of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach, Tesla is currently hiring 500-600 new employees per month for its Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, but according to IG Metall, they have become more expensive: the German car factory electrical is currently being worked on “hired heavily”, confirmed Birgit Dietze, district head of the union of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony, in an interview with the Spiegel print edition. But Tesla clearly feels the lack of skilled workers in the region and therefore now offers higher wages to newcomers, which is causing unrest in the workforce.

Salary increase expected at Tesla factory

The head of the Frankfurt Oder employment agency at least described paying the lowest wage groups as a “cracker” for the region when hiring for Tesla’s German factory began in fall 2020. But Dietze has also explained then that starting salaries in the auto industry are higher when special services and travel bonuses are taken into account.

And according to them, Tesla must have realized in the meantime that it was not possible to recruit enough staff at the level initially offered. “At the time of recruitment, the salary has already been improved,” he said, according to the Spiegel report. But this puts pressure on the mood in the Gigafactory because there are now different salaries for the same job and qualifications. The union has heard “that the first people are leaving Tesla and returning to their old employers,” Dietze said.

IG Metall’s stated goal is for Gigafactory’s German workforce to be paid at the car rate. Tesla, on the other hand, apparently wants as little influence from the union as possible in his factory. A works council election was held there at the end of February, which was reportedly initiated by management. At that time, around 2,500 people worked at Tesla in Grünheide, and these were mainly specialists and managers who could apply because you have been in the company for six months. The majority of the works council actually won the Gigavoice list, which is considered close to the employer.

Unionists want collective bargaining

So IG Metall couldn’t really set foot in Tesla’s door through this body, but he’s still trying. In the Spiegel interview, District Director Dietze now said there was so much pressure in the company that CEO Elon Musk would have no choice but to “raise salaries significantly soon.” As a signal from him that no syndication was needed, he would probably “give” a corporate settlement on the payment, he explained. But this is “glazing” because with such an agreement the works council signs what the employer specifies. In collective bargaining, on the other hand, there is equality and one has the right to strike.

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