According to observers, Tesla continues to lay off, offers almost no severance pay>

Layoffs were to be expected at Tesla after CEO Elon Musk internally announced earlier this month that 10% of all jobs would be cut, according to a report. He later limited this to white-collar jobs and explained that those who work in manufacturing at Tesla are not interested. Additionally, the number of employees is expected to be pretty much the same over a 12-month period, Musk added on Twitter. First, it appears Tesla has started to lose weight quickly, and the company shouldn’t be generous to those affected.

Software Terminations Reported to Tesla

The first layoffs could already be heard last week, partly from the same layoffs on social media, partly from Tesla’s former colleagues. A new wave is said to have started this week, Electrek’s blog reported. Many members of the sales and delivery teams across North America have been fired, he said. Since it also affected employees who were paid by the hour, the blog saw this as a contradiction with the statements made by the Tesla boss. Strictly speaking, however, Musk previously ruled out cancellations only for jobs directly in production, not for all those that are paid by the hour.

In any case, Tesla is said to be currently heavily cutting software developers, who are allegedly employees (“salaried staff”). @GergelyOrosz reported this on Twitter, who according to his profile worked for Skype and Uber and now runs a website for demanding technical jobs. The layoffs would also go to people whose areas Musk had previously listed as exempt. Overall, @GergelyOrosz indicated, without providing a number, that they are broad and would likely correlate with Musk’s 10 percent goal.

A post titled “Tesla offers 1 week salary and an Uber pass for layoffs” was also posted on the reddit forum. This roughly shows the content that could no longer be read on Saturday because the text was removed. @GergelyOrosz later confirmed the title information and got even more details – the HR department justified the terminations with performance. Those affected have six days to consider offering a weekly salary as severance pay. And the layoffs would have been carried out silently, with no information for the rest of the workforce, the observer wrote. It goes without saying that there is no press release on the type and extent of the Tesla job cuts.

Several laid-offs look back with gratitude

While many of the former employees posted online posts expressing disappointment at losing their jobs, they also expressed gratitude for their time at Tesla. Tesla’s former Singapore boss wrote that his work had been cut but that he was proud to have contributed to the country’s development. A LinkedIn member with “Sr. Service Technician “at Tesla since 2017. The work was hard, but it was worth it given the company’s goals, the former employee wrote. He was dismayed by the sudden layoff, but at the same time he felt he had gotten a lot of working at Tesla. In the eyes of the company, this is apparently enough compensation, even after years of working together with a weekly salary and an Uber pass.

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