“A kilo costs more than 100 euros”.

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Discounters are synonymous with low prices. But these have also significantly increased their prices. What is coming now is madness!

Prices are rising. For food, for fuel, for energy. Simply everywhere. Many products have become inaccessible. But what Aldi is announcing now is unbelievable.

Massive price increases at Aldi

The Aldi discount store actually stands for low prices. But as early as April, the prices of many foodstuffs were raised. And further price increases follow.

Aldi gives the conflict in Ukraine as a reason. This leads to skyrocketing costs. At least some of these need to be passed on to customers. According to the discounter.

However, customers are outraged and shocked. Matching posts can be found again and again on social media. So this time too.

Twitter user makes a shocking discovery

The latest Twitter post makes customers swallow. A Twitter user discovered a parmesan for € 107.45 in the refrigerated section.

Readers are shocked. Is this huge price another consequence of inflation?

According to the website, the price of Cucina Nobile’s Italian Parmigiano Reggiano was 4.40 euros per 200 grams or 21.99 euros per kilo. That was the price of the Aldi Nord discount store.

But now should the price have risen so enormously?

Parmesan is considered the “king of cheeses”. Its production is quite complex, more than 500 liters of milk are needed for one loaf. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, aged 48 months, was voted the best Parmigiano Reggiano in the world at the World Cheese Awards 2019-20. Its price per kilo is 399 euros.

Is Aldi’s Parmigiano a luxury product?

Simple miscalculation

If you look closely, you can see it. The Parmesan in question is not a luxury product. Again inflation is not a factor.

The reason for the huge price is a simple miscalculation. Parmigiano Reggiano costs € 4.30 for 200 grams, or € 21.50 per kilo.

So customers can be relieved.

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