A couple finds 60-year-old McDonald’s fries – they’re still crunchy

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The couple find 60-year-old McDonald’s fries behind the bathroom wall – and they’re still crunchy

McDonald's bag of chips

They don’t look that fresh, 1950s fries. These come out fresh from the fryer.

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They thought they had found a body in his house wrapped in a towel. But instead of the bones, they revealed a half-eaten menu at McDonald’s. A relic from the middle of the last century.

The shock was profound when an American couple from Illinois discovered a towel-wrapped package during renovations in mid-April. They immediately thought they were at the crime scene and suspected they had found a body in their home. “We were both like, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to expose a mystery case,'” Grace Jones told NBC News. She protected her children in case they discovered dried blood on the find. But as it turned out, what they unwrapped from the towel had nothing to do with a crime.

They say old houses tell stories. If that’s true, then Grace and Rob Jones’ house tells a story of old fries. Fries that survived for decades behind the bathroom wall without going to waste. They probably come from the early days of a US fast food giant. The couple had pulled the remains of an antique McDonald’s menu out of their towels: two boxes of burgers and a half-eaten bag of fries. They were relieved. “No old crime fiction, just old fries,” Grace Jones commented.

Nicely hung french fries for sale

How old are the chips you can only guess. But the packaging gives a hint. Because on this you can still see the old mascot “Speedee”, which was replaced by Ronald McDonald in 1963. As a result, the menu probably runs from the late 1950s to early 1960s. This is also supported by the fact that one of the first McDonald’s stores opened its doors not far from the house in 1959. The Jones house was also built in the same year. “Let’s just assume that whoever built the house probably went there for lunch and fell there or it was done on purpose,” Rob Jones told The Today Show.

The ravages of time haven’t gnawed at the potato sticks. Although they are around 60 years old, they look unappetizing, but they are still crunchy brown and have a surprisingly stable texture. “We saw the chips and we were like, ‘This is amazing. How the hell are these chips still in that bag and how are they in such good condition? It was crazy,'” said Grace Jones. The couple now would like to turn leftover food into cash and sell the menu, which has been going on for years. What if nobody wants it? “We’d probably keep it as a nice piece of history,” Grace Jones said.

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