76 million euros: Porsche concludes transaction with US actors | Regional

San Francisco / Stuttgart- Porsche agrees to compromise in legal dispute over alleged misleading fuel consumption figures for hundreds of thousands of cars in the United States. Porsche has reached an agreement to settle the civil disputes, the company confirmed on Thursday.

Class members’ allegations are about potential fuel savings and emissions discrepancies. According to court documents, Porsche will pay US car owners at least $ 80 million as part of the deal.

The sports carmaker, which belongs to the Volkswagen group, was initially targeted by US lawyers in 2020 due to media reports of irregularities in the emission values ​​of gasoline engines. A driving force was the large law firm Lieff Cabraser, which already played a major role in the VW “Dieselgate” scandal.

After US class action initially focused on possible manipulation of the exhaust gases, the deal that was concluded is now mostly about allegedly misleading fuel consumption information.

In its statement, Porsche stressed that it did not take note of the allegations made by the applicants in the present proceedings. “The deal is meant to put an end to the matter,” the company said. The comparison only applies to vehicles sold in the United States.

In Germany, the Federal Motor Transport Authority initiated proceedings in 2021. According to court documents, there are approximately 500,000 Porsche cars built between 2005 and 2020 in the United States. Owners are said to receive compensation of up to $ 1,110 per car.

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