“5D” at Lidl: here is the new regulation: the economy

– Lidl is the first discounter to introduce the change nationwide. Other retailers such as Aldi, Penny and Edeka have already announced the change for 2022. But what’s behind the so-called “5D”?

Discounter Lidl is the first supermarket in Germany to introduce the “5D” rule and is now doing without “4D”. The existing standard allows for the sale of pork products from abroad. Meat is cheaper, but long transport routes pollute the environment and animal welfare. It is now given up.

From now on you can get sausages and meat products under the own brand “Metzgerfrisch” which were born, reared, fattened, slaughtered and processed in Germany, i.e. all five stages of the value chain of meat production of pig. This applies to all 3200 branches. According to the media, the group wants to strengthen the marketing of German products. On their website they also feature 14 companies that “all attach great importance to quality, purity and traditional craftsmanship”.

A project that not only Lidl is putting into practice: Rewe and Penny want to follow suit throughout the year, even if not 100 percent. Then, according to the Rewe Group but at least 95 percent of pork products come from Germany. Aldi would like to switch to “5D” by the end of the year at the latest, according to Twitter.

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