5,400 euros below the list price: Tchibo is now selling this chic electric boat


Hamburg-based company Tchibo is selling an electric boat. The Leines 560 Comfort model offers space for five people – no boat license required to helm. The price is surprising.

There is a price of almost 30,000 euros at Tchibo - Elektroboot von Leines.

There is a price of almost 30,000 euros at Tchibo – Elektroboot von Leines. (Source: Leines boats)

  • Tchibo is now selling an electric-powered sports boat through a partner.
  • Depending on how you drive, the battery should last up to eight hours.
  • A boating license is not required. In addition, the boat can be transported with a boat trailer without a license.

A pound of coffee and … the Leines 560 electric speedboat, please. Don’t be surprised if you soon hear phrases like this in the branches of Tchibo. The Hamburg trading company already had electric cars in its range, now a stylish speedboat is tempting.

Apparently Tchibo is targeting people who may not have even thought about having their own boat before. Because a boat license is not required for the Leines 560 Comfort and many people can hang it on a boat trailer such as a car trailer behind their (electric) car.

Arriving on the water, there is room for up to five people on the e-boat. Tchibo specifies the maximum speed from 5 to 6 knots (9.2 to 11.1 km / h). Battery life should be up to eight hours. As with the e-bike, it varies depending on the riding style.

Charging the batteries from a household outlet (230 volts) should take just under seven hours. With a draft of 35 centimeters, it is possible to navigate even in shallower water with the boat, which weighs about half a ton.

price and availability

Interested? Then your way leads to the Tchibo online store, where a contact form awaits you. The boat is picked up in Grassau am Chiemsee, where there is also a technology briefing. The manufacturer also delivers the boat to your home at an additional cost.

The price is 29,990 euros. According to Tchibo, customers save € 5,400 compared to the Bavarian manufacturer’s list price.

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