Are you looking for a mobile phone tariff on the Telekom network with a lot of data? Then you should take a look at Mobilcom-Debitel. There is “green LTE” with a whopping 50GB of data volume, Allnet and SMS flat rates reduced by a whopping 53 percent for a short time.

50 GB, Allnet & SMS flat rate in the Telekom network at a bargain price

Mobilcom-Debitel has the for a short time Telekom “green LTE” tariff with data volume of 50 GB including Allnet and SMS flat rate at a special price. Instead of € 46.99 per month, you currently pay only € 21.99, which a Savings of 53 percent is equivalent to. The connection price of 39.99 euros will be reimbursed if within 2 weeks of activation you send an SMS from the new SIM with “AG Online” content to 22240. However, the offer is only valid until Monday 25/04 (20:00).

All the important details of the “green LTE 50 GB” tariff at a glance:

Offeror Mobilcom debit
Net Telekom
data volume 50 GB LTE (max. 50 MBit / s)
The phone Plate
sms Plate
EU roaming Included
minimum duration 24 months
notice period 1 month
connection costs
(one time)
will be refunded by SMS
Tariff costs (monthly) 21.99 euros
View the Mobilcom-Debitel offer

You can find out how number portability works smoothly in ours video:

Who is the Mobilcom-Debitel offer valid for?

The action applies to all who

  • you already own a smartphone and are looking for a cheap rate,
  • attach importance to a well-developed telecommunications network, including in rural areas,
  • would like to spend as little as possible on an Allnet / SMS fixed rate with an LTE data volume of 50 GB in the Telekom network,
  • can do without 5G.
View the Mobilcom-Debitel offer

The calculation with the low price only works in the event of cancellation at the end of the minimum contract period. Starting from the 25th month, the basic rate increases to the high normal price of 46.99 euros. If you forget it, the contract will not be extended for another year, but can be canceled monthly.

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