In the Lidl app you often find promotions where you can save or sometimes even get something for free if you reach a certain in-store purchase value. Lidl and Shell have started a collaboration with a discount on the tank where you can save 5 cents per liter.


Save 5 cents per liter when you fill up with Shell via the Lidl app

Update of 11 May 2022: The promotion has started again and this time there is an even greater discount. There is a direct discount of 5 cents per liter. The discount is valid until May 31, 2022. In the Lidl Plus app, the tank discount is displayed under the promotions. There you will also get all the details about the campaign (source: Shell).

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Petrol and diesel are more expensive than ever. We can’t do without fossil fuels at the moment, so you’re happy if you can save a few cents every now and then when you fill up. Between February 14 and March 27 there is a campaign in the Lidl app that allows you to save 3 cents per liter by refueling at Shell petrol stations. You can fill with up to 70 liters, so you save up to € 2.10 candies. It’s not shocking, but at the moment you still want to take every penny with you.

Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus

Developer: Lidl Digital International GmbH & Co. KG

Lidl Plus

Lidl Plus

Developer: Lidl

To be able to participate, of course, you must have the Lidl app for Android or iOS installed on your mobile phone. So you look at the promotions and discounts and you can activate the benefit there. Then you just have to fill up at Shell and scan your voucher at the cashier leave. You can check if your gas station is included next week on the special page. Check it in advance so that there are no unnecessary arguments later when paying. All further details can then be found on Shell’s special Lidl campaign page (see Shell).

I’m video you can find out what else the Lidl app can do:

Can the Lidl promotion be combined with the Shell price guarantee?

According to some myDealz users, the Lidl can be combined with the Shell price guarantee to be. But you need Shell’s ClubSmart card. This compares the prices of ten nearby branded gas stations and adjusts the price. So you would get the currently best price and save another 3 cents per liter. But we cannot guarantee this, because there are several claims about it. Ideally, see for yourself when the price is low and hit. It works best with our TankenApp for Android or iOS. So you always have the best prices in sight.