4 reasons why cupping is so healthy

4 health effects of cupping

1. It can relieve muscle tension

During cupping, the skin and subcutaneous tissue are aspirated and the blood supply increases. Mechanical stretching of the skin and small blood vessels of the tissue and connective tissue can help relieve tension in the muscles by loosening and stretching the fascia that surrounds the muscles. Tied fascia impairs the functional elongation of muscle fibers and can trigger muscle tension and hardening. through the suction power cupped heads such tensions are sometimes resolved.

2. It can stimulate the nervous system

The strong negative pressure in the cups not only stimulates blood circulation locally. Even that the peripheral nervous system can be stimulated. If the nerve cells are stimulated by the negative pressure under the cupping vessels, the electric potential in the cell can change. The sodium ions then flow into the cell while the potassium ions leave. Such electrical changes sometimes trigger processes in nerve cells that repair disruptions in nerve cell function. In alternative medicine, cupping is therefore also used to treat nerve disorders and nerve-related pain.

3. Possible relief from inflammation

Increased local blood flow and mechanical stretching of certain areas of the skin and tissues can activate heme oxygenase. Heme oxygenase-1 is a protein that breaks down complex iron compounds in the body into iron ions and carbon monoxide. These degradation processes are extremely important in the formation of new blood vessels and in the inhibition of inflammatory processes. the local activation of the enzyme heme oxygenase-1 it can therefore reduce inflammation. This could explain why people with chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism respond positively to cupping treatments.

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4. It can strengthen the skin and connective tissue

Due to the stimulating stimuli during cupping, the connective tissue and skin are enormously supplied with blood. This strengthens the small blood vessels and supplies sufficient minerals from the blood to the tissue cells. At the so-called Facial cupping the cupping treatment takes place on the face. But instead of cupping glasses, small silicone jars are used here. The silicone cups are used to treat the cheeks, forehead and areas of the face prone to wrinkles. The cups are simply put on and gently pressed together with the fingers. The skin of the face is slightly sucked into the negative pressure. The treatment is said to have a cushioning effect and prevent premature wrinkles.

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