4 reasons to love your wrinkles

Plump lips, radiant eye contour and perfectly smooth skin: the demand for cosmetic surgery and anti-wrinkle treatments has increased in recent years. As the German Society of Aetheric Plastic Surgery (DGĂ„PC) presents in its 2020-2021 statistics, botulinum treatment and wrinkle injections are among the most frequently performed treatments in the last year. “What is striking about the wishes of the patients is the attention on the face”, is the summary of the statistics. Also popular were upper eyelid lifts, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

Now the question arises how to assess such a development: in the name of self-determination, of course, there is nothing wrong with deciding against your own wrinkles and wanting to look young for as long as possible. However, at the same time, the social pressure to emulate him increases and to see his wrinkles as a flaw. We’ll show you why it’s worth being close to your wrinkles and loving them using the following examples:

4 reasons to love your wrinkles

1. Preserve your natural beauty

Basically, one must never forget with beauty procedures of any kind – they can lead to a rejuvenating and satisfying result, but they can also go terribly wrong: last year, former supermodel Linda Evangelista reported on Instagram about a beauty procedure. failed beauty and as a result it has “brutally disfigured”. To protect ourselves from such a horrible scenario, we prefer to support our wrinkles and accept aging.

2. Wrinkles make us safer

Lack of self-confidence is one of the most common reasons why we choose Botox and Hyaluron and are against our wrinkles. The pursuit of the perfect and flawless appearance often determines our decision to have an operation. Those who have no problems with wrinkles are generally more at peace with themselves and more confident in their appearance.

3. Wrinkles tell our story

Life leaves its mark – and our face is not spared. But instead of demonizing wrinkles as an annoying sign of aging, we should accept them and the fact that our bodies change over time. Try to think of wrinkles as a kind of reminder. The wrinkles around our mouths show that we laughed heartily and happily. And also recognize the beauty of wrinkles: they make us look mature and grown up and give our face something distinctive.

4. Wrinkles make you look aged

And there is another reason to love our wrinkles: they make us look interesting, wise and experienced. You can take advantage of it at work, for example. Your colleagues perceive you as an experienced and competent, someone who has both feet on the ground and can serve as a role model for young people.

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