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Nuremberg – After the truce of the Corona, Nuremberg airport is forecasting around three million passengers again this year.

That would be two million more than in the last two years, when flight operations in Nuremberg came to a near complete halt during the crown lockdown, airport chief executive Michael Hupe said at the annual Nuremberg press conference.

It is not yet clear when it will be possible to reach the pre-crisis level of four million passengers again. It shows that although tourist traffic is starting to grow again, the volume of business travel is consistently lower due to the increasing use of digital possibilities.

The airport is trying to tackle this problem by expanding the route network, for example for return flights of migrants to Turkey or the Balkans.

The airport wants to stop again

Economically, the airport is still in the red. The conclusion is that the minus since 2020 has been reduced by € 26.3 million to € 14.9 million. Reductions in staff also contributed to this, Hupe said.

The airport is expected to continue to be climate neutral by 2045

Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa

This year, however, 140 people will be hired again. The decrease in investments from 32 to 9 million euros also contributed to the improvement in profits.

Hupe did not want to predict when the company, which is equally supported by the city of Nuremberg and the Free State of Bavaria, will again be at a disadvantage.

However, the airport will not lose sight of its goal to fly climate-neutral by 2045. A new photovoltaic system on the roof of a newly built multi-storey car park, a thermal power plant already in operation and use of larger and more efficient aircraft on average longer routes go in this direction.

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