2nd League Advancement Thrillers: What Happens When Werder, HSV and Darmstadt … – Bundesliga


The race for promotion to the Bundesliga. It has rarely been this exciting. Who climbs next to Schalke?

What happens if…

… Bremen wins: According to!

… Bremen takes a point: According to!

… Bremen loses: Second (if HSV and Darmstadt both score a maximum of one point), third (if HSV or Darmstadt win) or fourth (if HSV and Darmstadt win)

… HSV wins: Second (if Bremen loses), Third (if Bremen takes at least one point)

... HSV gets a point: Third (if Darmstadt scores a maximum of one point), Fourth (if Darmstadt wins)

… HSV loses: Third (if Darmstadt loses), fourth (if Darmstadt scores at least one point)

… wins Darmstadt: Second (if Bremen loses and HSV takes one point or less), third (if Bremen wins and HSV takes one point or less OR Bremen loses and HSV wins), fourth (if Bremen and HSV win) *

… Darmstadt scores a point: Third (if HSV loses), fourth (if HSV scores at least one point)

… Darmstadt loses: Fourth!

* The possibility that Darmstadt could reach the nine-goal HSV was ignored

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