1860 Munich: Marcel Bär is able to obtain the marker cannon: football

He didn’t even believe it himself!

Lion forward Marcel Bär (29) tops the list of top scorers with 19 goals this season, having scored two goals in a 3-0 win against Havelse Magdeburg’s Baris Atik (27/18 goals) . “Now the bear also wants the cannon, that’s clear”, says the attacker!

Will the top scorer manage to take the title to Giesing for the second consecutive time? Last season, Sascha Mölders (37) celebrated the title with 22 goals. But since his early demise with the lions in December, Bär has blossomed!

While there were only five goals next to Mölders, the former Brunswick slammed after Mölders’ departure, there have been five goals in the first six games without the former Bundesliga player.

Coach Michael Köllner (52) has always believed in Bär’s quality. “I knew that from the start, I had predicted him in the winter that I would adapt the game to him and score 20 goals for him. You can achieve anything, believe me.

And Köllner was right! The birth of his first daughter Hanna-Valentina in late March gave Bär another boost. “This gave him wings again. Now we hope that he can continue to sleep well at night, “says Köllner.

If Bär continues to score like this, it may ultimately not only be enough for the top scorer crown, but also for third place in the relegation, should the competition continue to lose.

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