16 Tesla compressors in Germany for all electric cars>

At the beginning of June, the new Tesla compressor in Limburg near Frankfurt unexpectedly appeared on the web map of the locations where other brands of electric cars can also recharge. However, it wasn’t really possible to use it and it disappeared again shortly thereafter, but this Tuesday it was also visible in the Tesla app, which can be used to specifically initiate the charging process. This also only worked for a few hours, so it felt like an accident. But that’s not the case: On Thursday night, Tesla officially announced that charging stations in Germany and other European countries are now also open to third-party electric cars.

Tesla opens before the summer holidays

In principle, in time for the busy summer holiday traffic in Europe, electric car drivers in Europe have another large charging network at their disposal. In many places, Tesla’s opening should provide some relief, as other charging point operators have only recently begun equipping their stations with multiple individual columns. On the other hand, Tesla drivers will lose a privilege and compressor waiting times may become more frequent.

In addition to Germany, compressors for third-party products were released on Thursday in Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. To use them you need the Tesla app, in which you unlock a column in one of the free stations. Billing is based on previously entered credit card details. Tesla’s Charging Network for All now covers 13 European countries. The opening began in November 2021 with ten stations in the Netherlands, where all Tesla compressors now work with any electric car.

Other electric cars pay 70 cents / kWh

In other countries, however, Tesla has so far been satisfied with a selection, in Germany, for example, with 16 of the now more than 100 compressor locations. The freely usable ones range from Busdorf in the far north to Sindelsdorf in the south of Munich and are concentrated in the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. At 70 cents per kilowatt hour, the price for third-party brands in Germany is higher than many other suppliers, but now Tesla is also asking 56-58 cents from its customers after many hikes. With other electric cars you can take out a monthly subscription for 12.99 euros, which aims to lower the price of supercharging across Europe to the level of Tesla drivers.

Update: In one of its rare press releases on Friday afternoon, Tesla confirmed the further opening of the compressor network, which by then had already spread. The number of charging stations for all brands in the 16 German locations is estimated at 314, or nearly 20 per station. Tesla confirms that the price for third-party electric cars is 70 cents per kilowatt hour, with the subscription at 12.99 euros it drops to 55 cents per kilowatt hour. Sites that have now been released would be monitored and experiences evaluated there.

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