1. FC Magdeburg: Titz interrupts the climb by himself? – 3rd division

Magdeburg in the fever of promotion! The FCM returns to the second division after three years. Successful architect: coach Christian Titz (51).

When he took over in February 2021, the club was on the verge of relegation to the regional league. Now the sensational turning point. Titz: “I think staying in the league last summer was the basis for that.”

But what’s the next step? For Titz, despite the start of the championship, the championship for now has priority. He underlines: “We also want to win the next matches. We are greedy and we don’t want to give up. “

Then? Titz hopes his successful team stays together. “First of all, the most important and valuable players are the ones we have. Because we know them and here they have taken a step of development “, he explains, underlining:” But one thing is clear, we will also change in one position or another “.

Titz (right) hugs sporting director Otmar Schork

Titz (right) hugs sporting director Otmar SchorkPhoto: Ronny Hartmann

Amaro: In addition to players who do not get new contracts, Titz does not rule out the departure of its best players.

Does this break his self-promotion?

The soccer master anticipates: “It may be that one or the other player changes teams – not because he is running away – but he has simply developed so well that he can take the next step.”

The main target is the top scorer Baris Atik (27)! According to BILD information, his contract is automatically extended for the increase. But his mega season (18 goals, 20 assists) has also aroused the wishes of other clubs.

Significant: Even after the ascent, Atik avoided a declaration of loyalty: “I don’t think we’re discussing what’s going to happen now. The important thing is that we made it …”

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