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Lautern risks running out of air in the final sprint of the fight for promotion to the second division. On Saturday on the packed Betzenberg (48,416 spectators) there was a 1: 3 defeat against Dortmund II. First home defeat of the year!

After 1: 2 a week ago at Wehen Wiesbaden, the second painful defeat in a row. As a result, direct resurgence through second place is becoming increasingly unlikely. Third place, which gives the right to relegation, is also not certain yet.

Coach Marco Antwerpen (50) made it clear: “Now we have to at least secure our place for relegation to Cologne!”

The fully occupied West Curve continued to cheer on their team, even after falling behind

The fully occupied West Curve continued to cheer on their team, even after falling behindPhoto: Steven Mohr / Jan Huebner

Due to the elimination of Türkgücü Munich, Lautern has only one game left – next Sunday at Viktoria Cologne. The competition, on the other hand, can still score six points. And the 1860 Munich follows in Lautern’s footsteps, five points behind.

Despite the 1: 3 failure, the West Curve celebrated the losers after the final whistle. Fans chanted the victory away. They too know what time it has struck.

Lautern also missed the moment of happiness against Dortmund. Goalkeeper Luca Unbehaun avoided the disadvantage with a brilliant save from Daniel Hanslik’s header (26 minutes). Then the young and agile Dortmunders really lit the fire.

Die 32. Minute: Christian Viet prevails on the right against Hendrick Zuck. And Bradley Fink uses his cross pass to make it 0: 1.

Die 59. Minute: Justin Njinmah got a 0: 2 corner from Lautern goalkeeper Matheo Raab.

Die 81. Minute: Immanuel Pherai scores from close range after a wonderful 0: 3 solo.

Substitute Felix Götze managed at least to recover to 1: 3 with a header in added time (90 + 2.).

Antwerp closing words: “After Hanslik missed a header on the defensive against fast-paced Dortmund, we were no longer so effective. We have conceded five goals in two games. We know where to start. “

Lauterer’s many long-suffering fans also hope so.

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